100 days until my PS4

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PlayStation vs Xbox vs Nintendo vs PC – the age-old argument of which platform people should play their games on. There is no doubt, each system has exclusive titles that can be enjoyed nowhere else. Lately, this exclusivity is being blurred with games like Rocket League offering crossplay or with schemes such as Xbox Play Anywhere.

Normally, I don’t mind too much about the platform I play games on. I don’t really care about framerates or graphics. Not to say good graphics and stable framerates are not important, but for me, they are irrelevant. Controversial opinion? Maybe? Throughout my life, I have been an avid gamer. In my time i’ve had a multitude of gaming devices, from Gameboys to PCs to my mobile phone. Currently, I have a Wii, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and a PC. I can’t fool myself forever though. I’ve buckled under the sheer amount of incredible PlayStation 4 exclusive games that I am yet to play. Infamous. Horizon: Zero Dawn. The Last of Us. Uncharted. All common, household names. All out of the reach of my sweaty geek hands. I cannot stand it any longer. In 100 days, I will be trading my Xbox One for a PlayStation 4!

After many, many years of owning some kind of Xbox, my allegiance is changing. It’s not that I don’t like my Xbox One. There are many things that are very good about having an Xbox One. My previous post praises the Backwards Compatibility feature offered by Microsoft, but the amount of good Xbox exclusive games just don’t cut it for me. I don’t really enjoy the shooter or racing genre, so that’s Forza, Halo, and Gears of War games out of the window. My betrayal has been a long time coming, and what finally broke me? God of War. Oh my, God of War.

I’ll summarize by saying that I’m very much looking forward to getting my PS4. It’s going to be a painfully slow wait for Saturday 25 August 2018. One question remains though. Why am I going to wait that long and torture myself so? Basically, I can be pretty impatient, and this scenario is perfect to exercise some self-control. Plus, there’s probably a slim chance that E3 might make me change my mind. In the meantime, i’m going to binge watch this playthrough series of Horizon: Zero Dawn and totally ruin the game for myself.

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