Rocket League – Salty Shores update

Psyonix is once again rewarding us fans of the football/car sensation that is Rocket League. Aside from the expected Competitive Season 8, there are plenty of new things coming. Chief among them (for me at least) are the ‘Rocket League x Monstercat Vol.3’ EP and the new arena ‘Salty Shores’.

While previous ‘Rocket League x Monstercat’ playlists have been fantastic, and this newest one is shaping up to be great also, the thing i’m most excited for in the upcoming update is the aesthetic of the new arena. Having been born in the Eighties, I have somewhat of an obsession with that decade. The resurgence of Eighties design in properties such as Thor: Ragnarok and Stranger Things is a welcome sight for me, and i’m glad that it’s slowly seeping into my favourite competitive game. It brings back memories of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and I can’t wait!

Check out what the developers have to say below:

Which sunblock SPF does a Battle-Car need when it’s soaking up rays and playing in the sand all day? We’ll know soon, because our new Salty Shores Update splashes down on May 29!

This next Content Update is all about Rocket League fun in the sun, starting with the aforementioned ‘Salty Shores,’ our brand new seaside Arena! As our sunniest map to date, Salty Shores should keep the summertime vibes going year-round as a permanent addition to all online Playlists!

Along with a new Arena, we’re also bringing you the start of Competitive Season 8, the distribution of Season 7 Rewards, the new ‘Impact’ Crate, fresh beats from the ‘Rocket League x Monstercat Vol. 3’ EP and more! You’ll also find some nice quality of life improvements in the mix, including a new ‘Report Server’ button for when servers misbehave during an online match.  Our ‘Beach Blast’ in-game Event is coming soon too, but not for a few more weeks — June 11, to be exact! We’ll have more details about Beach Blast closer to the start of the event, so stay tuned!

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