My hopes and dreams for E3 2018

Featured image sourced from E3 2018 trailer video

Thanks to E3 2018 only being just over two weeks away, hype for the event is rapidly building. Already, we’ve had a slew of leaked information – whether all these instances of information are true or not is yet to be seen. Regardless, I like to be as clueless as possible when it comes to what is going to be announced. Obviously, some things like the Rage 2 announcement and the various Pokemon title leaks are impossible to miss.

It’s always an exciting time of the year for gamers, but I am determined to not get on board the out-of-control hype train. Below are my top 10 hopes and dreams for E3 2018.

1. Fallout 3/New Vegas/4 on Nintendo Switch

Thanks to the great ports of Doom and Skyrim, at least one of these HAS to come to Nintendo Switch. Personally, I will take any. I love all the modern Fallout games, and dabbling in the older ones are on my to-do list.

2. More information on Rage 2

In the short amount of time since Rage 2 was leaked, Bethesda has shown us a game that seems to be impressively vibrant and fast-paced. The marketing has been incredibly distinct, a far cry from the drab and generic box art that heralded the original Rage. I don’t actually know whether i’m hoping for more gameplay or more of that district marketing aesthetic.

3. Details on Nintendo Switch Online or new system updates

With September 2018 coming in fast, people are readying their wallets for paid Nintendo Switch Online membership. While I have no real problem with paying for this service thanks to those potential NES games (a console that I never actually owned or played) and exclusive offers, I do want more information. Whether that’s other things paying customers are getting or updates to the Switch OS and the Store.

4. Incredible new exclusive IP for Xbox One

Basically, I want Microsoft to make me change my mind when it comes to trading my Xbox One for a PlayStation 4. I have been an Xbox owner for a long time, and I worry about the future of the exclusivity of the games on the console. My interest in Gears of War, Forza, Halo, Halo Wars and Crackdown 3 dwindled away long ago.

4. New Backwards Compatibility games.

I really like the idea of Backwards Compatible games. To me, it’s a genuine selling point for the Xbox One. If Microsoft can’t provide their fans with new exclusive games then at the very least let them have some of the older games to play.

6. Solid information on the FF7 remake

This game is one of my most anticipated games in a long time. Any information about this would make me so dang happy. Enough said really.

7. Fortnight on the Nintendo Switch

Fortnight is apparently a massive game right now. I’ve played it a few times and had fun with it but it’s definitely not my type of thing to play. However, I do see the value of it, and completely accept that this would be a good addition to the Nintendo Switch. This will probably be used as an incentive to entice people to pay for Nintendo Switch Online.

8. Ports of older The Legend of Zelda games

Ok, i’m about to drop a huge guilty secret. I’ve only ever played Link’s Awakening, Twilight Princess and Breath Of The Wild. What kind of gamer am I? A terrible, terrible one obviously. This is why I desperately want any of the older Zelda games to become available on the Switch. You can bet that i’ll be playing my way through the NES versions when they come to Nintendo Switch Online.

9. Reassurance that Spider-Man isn’t going to be terrible

It’s a great time to be a massive Spider-man fan. This current iteration of the cinematic Spider-man is the best so far, plus there’s a shiny new Spider-man game coming to PlayStation 4. It’s one of the big IPs that Sony is going to concentrate on at E3. Things sound perfect, right? Maybe not, as most of the gameplay we have seen seems to be quick-time based button mashing. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of good ‘ol quick-time events but an entire game full of it? I hope not. Overall, I feel positive about this though.

10. Pokemon for Switch announced

Out of everything else on this list, I want this to come true. As I detailed in a previous post, I have been a fan of the Pokemon games since they were released in the UK. The series has admittedly grown stale, so I want the new Nintendo hybrid console to breath new life into this age-old series. The announcement doesn’t have to be big because I can wait patiently for the inevitable Nintendo Direct to glean details, but just some solid details would be great. A release date is probably too much to ask so i’m hoping for meer confirmation.

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3 thoughts on “My hopes and dreams for E3 2018

  1. I’m really hoping for more Bethesda on Switch. Having Skyrim not only got me more into that games, but now has me buying doom, and ordering the older Wolfensteins to be ready for Wolfenstein 2. It’s started a chain effect and they will clearly be making more money off me 😀

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    1. Ha, more Bethesda is always good, especially if it means more things on the Switch. I’m looking forward to seeing what Fallout 76 is!

      Liked by 1 person

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