Christopher Robin Official Trailer – Reaction!

Featured image sourced from YouTube trailer

I really honestly don’t know what i’m going to think about this film when I see it. This trailer has left me so undecided! Pooh and Friends are so DAMN CUTE that I can’t even breath. They look like actual toys from Christopher Robin’s childhood and it’s absolutely glorious. How they managed to get so much life into Eeyore’s plastic eyes is beyond me. Piglet and Roo are flop-eared and wonderfully innocent. I do have a few criticisms regarding Owl and Rabbit though. I feel like they are kinda just generic CGI animals? I understand that they are meant to be animals living in the Hundred Acre Wood but they seem to pale beside the unique and huggable designs of the stuffed animals.

Moving past the animated characters, i’m not really bothered about Ewan McGregor as Christopher. He’s a great actor and i’m glad he’s getting work but if he was replaced with someone else I don’t think I would notice.  It’s wonderful to see Hayley Atwell appearing in more big movies as she always has a strong presence on screen. It will be interesting what Bronte Carmichael brings to her role, as I haven’t seen anything she’s done before. I’m not sure how much of a role Mark Gatiss is going to play but he’s always a welcome addition.

Even though Christopher Robin’s name is the title I feel like the real stars of this film are going to be the voice actors. I’m glad they kept Jim Cummings as Pooh and Tigger. There’s plenty of history there and he knows the characters well. If the film itself is a dumpster fire then at least I know Jim Cummings will be a highlight. I’m glad they kept Peter Cullen in the Transformers movies and I feel the same way about this film too. Everyone else featured in the trailer also sounded great, I can’t wait to see what Toby Jones and Peter Capaldi do with their time as Owl and Rabbit respectively.

Overall, my main problem at the moment with this film is the plot. I’m always wary of “fictional CGI animal/character trying to interact with our world and failing because they don’t understand it” storyline. It’s not a massive deal breaker though. I said the same thing about Paddington a few years ago and if there’s one film that shows us that exact formula works, it’s Paddington. Hopefully, it turns out more like that rather than something like The Smurfs. Here’s hoping!

Check out the trailer below!

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