Attending the Yorkshire Cosplay Con on a budget

Since my first conversion a few years ago, cosplaying has intrigued me so very much, yet i’ve never actually done any. People of all ages converging on one location and representing their favourite characters is a fun way to spend a weekend and the unbridled amount of creativeness is truly inspiring. From a simple set of clothes to a full-on suit of armour, there’s lots to see at a con and the Yorkshire Cosplay Con 2018 in Sheffield was no different!

As it was both my girlfriend and I’s first visit to this local event we wanted to do it with a little style. Plus, we were going with some cosplay veterans so we had to get into the spirit of things! Due to only deciding to go three days before the event, we had to be creative and resourceful. In the end we went as Kiki and Jiji from Kiki’s Delivery Service. For the amount of time that we had, and the small amount of money we spent on our costumes, I think we did ok! Check out my breakdown of our costumes below!


Breakdown of costs

My girlfriend

  • Dress: £3 (Actually a T-Shirt from the men’s section)
  • Tights: Already owned
  • Shoes: £3.50
  • Wig: Borrowed from a friend
  • Headband: £2
  • Red bow: £1
  • Broomstick: £1.99


  • Cat ears: £4.99 (Came with a tail and bow too)
  • Black T-shirt: £3
  • Red bow: £1
  • Jeans: Already owned
  • Shoes: Already owned
  • Black face paint: Already owned


  • Tickets: £10.50 (x2)
  • Parking £10

How much joy someone could get out of an event like this depends purely on how well they might manage their expectations. If, for example, we had just gone for the stalls, it would have been a little disappointing as there weren’t all that many. However, there were enough cosplays to see, props to pose with, celebrities to meet, and entertainment to watch to keep a visitor busy for a while.

The event doesn’t compare to other events like the London Film and Comic Con or the MCM Comic Con but there shouldn’t be that expectation for it to. Sure, the entertainment probably wasn’t as polished or there weren’t as many guests, but if you want that, go to the bigger conventions! There was plenty of room to walk around and take photos, and plenty of space to sit. For anyone who is new to an event like this it’s the perfect place to be, and it’s an ideal chilled-out environment for cosplay professionals who want to go to local event.


Speaking of professional cosplays, there were so many good ones! There were all manner of anime inspired ones, game characters (including a Bendy from Bendy and the Ink Machine, which I loved!), loads of Star Wars characters, superheroes, some dinosaurs and so many more that I could ever mention. If you are in a specific fandom, it was probably represented. My highlights of the day were the aforementioned Bendy, a giant walking Chocobo, three incredibly creepy Silent Hill nurses and Deadpool wearing a banana costume.

There were a good mixture of independent stalls and merchandisers present, although I was very disappointed by the lack of a Pokémon card stall. Entertainment (while we were there at least!) consisted of interactive shows, dancers, musical acts and a cosplay parade. Some of these were a little more niche than expected, but still entertaining in their own ways. There was also a gaming section which I completely missed out on, due to us doing other things, but it look quite substantial from a distance.

I’d say the only real negatives were some staff who were slightly abrupt, and the on-site catering was extremely lacking. Although that’s really down to the location more than anything. I would absolutely recommend heading over the road to Centertainment as there is much more reasonable food on offer there.

My creative fire has definitely been lit from my time at the Yorkshire Cosplay Con, and I hope to attend again next year in a costume that has a little more substance to it! I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting a fun if slightly obscure weekend.

Thanks for reading about my experiences at the Yorkshire Cosplay Con! If you liked it, then please follow this blog for similar updates in the future.

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