Free Comic Book Day 2018 – Top 5

Thanks to both my girlfriend and I being absolutely massive comic nerds, Free Comic Book Day is a pretty big deal. We always tend to share the comics that we buy so it’s a no-brainer that we share the free ones too! Due to this, we finished the day with 17 awesome little reads. However, not all comic books are created equal, as some are more awesome-r that others. Now that i’ve finally gotten around to reading them all, I can confidently say which ones are my favourites.

Below (in no particular order) are my top 5 comics from Free Comic Book Day!

1. Lady Mechanika
The first on this short list, Lady Mechanika is the story about the sole survivor of a mad scientist’s horrific experiments. The experiments have left our hero with mechanical arms and no memories of her former life! This steampunk series set in an alternate London has some amazingly intricate detail, something that I absolutely adore.

2. Adventure Time

Despite the absolutely colossal cultural icon that Adventure Time is, I never got into it much. I found the first season charming and fun but never worked my way past that first bit. My lack of exposure to the series is probably why I enjoyed this short story about Fionna and Cake taking a glass of punch to Prince Gumball. I’ve been drip fed enough information to understand who these characters are without them overstaying their welcome.

3. Berlin
As much as I like the cinematic versions of superheroes, I don’t really take too much notice of their comic counterparts. I do have a soft spot for comics/graphic novels based on historical events or people though. Castro by Reinhard Kleist or Art Spiegelman’s Pulitzer Prize-winning Maus comes to mind. You could, therefore, imagine my delight when I found Berlin nested between all the whimsical fiction. It was apparently the first few pages of an immense three-book epic that depicts life in Berlin between 1928 and 1933, set to the background of the decline of the Weimar Republic. Definitely not for everybody, but for someone who is interested in history (even the not so savoury bits), I will be at some point buying the full thing.

4. The Wormworld Saga
The Wormworld Saga looks like a wonderful old-fashioned adventure, one involving a magic painting that can teleport people to other…dimensions?  This painting lets humans enter into other places, but doesn’t necessarily seem to stop things from those other places getting into our world. I had fun with this comic. It has a very distinct digital style to it. With bold sections of colour and details, at times it looks almost 3D. Definitely something to look out for if you enjoy travelling to fantasy worlds.

5. Barrier
After encountering the epicness that is Y: The Last Man and the more recent Saga, I will basically read anything that Brian K. Vaughan is associated with. Centred around a tale of violence and illegal immigration, this comic is interesting that it presents its pages landscape rather than portrait. I think this is actually a pretty cool gimmick. This decision lends itself well to some dramatic panels, almost cinematic in value.

The full list of comics that we managed to get can be seen below!

  • Street Angel’s Dog
  • Malika: Creed & Fury
  • Adventure Time with Fionna & Cake
  • Ultra Street Fighter II
  • Lady Mechanika
  • World’s Greatest Cartoonists
  • Shadowman
  • Barrier
  • Maxwell’s Demons
  • Berlin
  • Pokemon: Sun & Moon
  • The Wordworld Saga
  • Zero’s Journey
  • My Hero Academia
  • Bob’s Burgers
  • Crush
  • Comics Friends Forever

Thanks for reading this list of my top 5 comic books from Free Comic Book Day 2018! If you liked it, then please follow this blog for similar updates in the future.

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