Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) NON-SPOILER Review

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) NON-SPOILER Review

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Michael Crichton’s 1990 novel, Jurassic Park, along with the subsequent 1993 film by Stephen Spielberg has left a Tyrannosaurus-sized cinematic legacy that all other Jurassic Park/World films have failed to meet. In my opinion, Jurassic World (which came out in 2015) was the closest the franchise has ever come to finding the wonderment and spectacle that the original film so famously had.

So, a question. Does Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom take the reigns as the best Jurassic Park/World film ever? No. It does not. But what it does do is use the lengthy amount of history and lore the franchise has to good effect. There are nods and winks to the previous films, in ways that don’t entirely feel too shoehorned in. As a long time fan of the franchise, I appreciate this. Although it’s starting to make me feel old.


Don’t get me wrong though. The main bulk of the film isn’t about the winks and nods. I’m just saying I like a film that gets me feelin’ nostalgic. The story that surrounds these references is split into two sections. These were definitely not created equally and one is infinitely better than the other. Part of me wishes that the film should have concentrated on one of these sections, rather a mishmash of the two. It doesn’t exactly feel like two films smashed together though, as there’s plenty of connective tissue holding them together.

I did find myself generally invested in the story, despite some Hollywood cheese smeared all over it. In a universe where dinosaurs are not only back from the dead, but are now known to the world and trapped on an island, it’s getting a little difficult to swallow what is happening on screen, but i’ll roll with it for now.


Character-wise, this story drags behind the others. Owen and Claire are back, but there isn’t much character development to keep them occupied. New sidekicks are introduced and do a fine job for what they are needed for but don’t really get a lot of room to do much else. The “bad guys” in this film are in no way interesting or menacing. It’s a shame because there is a ton of very talented people in this film, but they just aren’t given much to do! Plus, it needed more Jeff Goldblum. In fact, all films need more Jeff Goldblum, even ones starring Jeff Goldblum.

I love you Jeff.

The stand-out human character is the little girl, but the absolute stars of this show are the dinosaurs.┬áThere’s plenty of species to keep dinosaur fans busy, and they get involved in a surprising amount of emotional moments. Like I said before, this is a universe where dinosaurs exist and as such, are treated as people would real animals. Jurassic Park is a franchise well known for it’s practical effects, and this film is no different. Real puppetry is once again used in certain scenes where the humans and dinosaurs are interacting closely. This really helps to elevate a scene, as it feels like the real living actors are interacting with real living dinosaurs.


As is to be expected from a big summer block-buster, it looks great. There are some fantastic action scenes, big sweeping shots, and some close, claustrophobic sections too. I can see multiple elements of the director’s previous films in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, and it did entertain me. I’m not sure I would purposely put this into my Blu-Ray player and watch it again, but the first time around was a fun enough ride. It has done one thing though, and this is probably the most important bit. It has made me wonder where the franchise will go next. If it’s anything like what it has set itself up to be (because obviously there’s going to be a sequel), then colour me intrigued.


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  1. Every film needs more Jeff Goldblum.
    I’m so excited to see the practical effects in action as well as some nods to the originals as a big fan of the original trilogy!


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