Will there actually be any surprises at E3 2018?

I don’t know if it’s because i’ve been paying more attention to the run-up to E3 than I have in previous years thanks to working on my blog, but it feels like every single game ever has been accidentally leaked. Either that or games have officially been announced anyway to make sure they don’t get leaked. Has there been a single day in the last two weeks that hasn’t featured some game or other that will be shown at E3? Is this what it’s like every year? Will there be any need for an E3 in future?!

Obviously, i’m being a little hyperbolic. There will undoubtedly be surprises waiting for us in the next few days, but it does worry me how much has been revealed beforehand. The problem is, there are so many avenues that things could be spoilt. Updates of current games can be datamined to see if they are coming to other consoles. Developers can inadvertently leak images or accidentally imply certain things when interviewed. People with inside sources can straight up announce things. Retailers can add game listings to their sites way ahead of time.

As Alexander Pope said, “To err is human”. He wasn’t referencing to all the leaks that have happened recently but with the game industry getting bigger and bigger each year, and more humans to potentially “err” – it’s a pretty decent quote to describe recent times. Although that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s definitely building the hype. In fact, what if it’s all been a massive well-orchestrated plan by Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo to build hype to an unbelievably high level? That’s a conspiracy for another day! In any case, I am super excited for E3!

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