Humble Bundle Partner Program

Images sourced from the Humble Bundle website. This page contains affiliate links.

I’m super happy to announce that this blog is now part of the Humble Bundle Partner Program! This is an affiliate program that lets me share some of the profits from the Humble Bundle products that I advertise on my site. Humble Bundle offers a great selection of curated bundles of games on a pay-what-you-want basis. It is genuinely an amazing website whose community has raised over $100 million for charity since 2010.

Let’s be honest. No-one likes sifting through pop up advertisements for random things on a website, and I really don’t want to include them on this one. Being a Humble Partner supports me directly and will initially help with the upkeep of this blog. While reading this blog is free for you, it costs me money to maintain. This partnership will help with things like paying for web hosting etc.

More importantly, though, we’re all helping to support an incredible website that raises a massive amount of money for charities all around the world. The money from each sale gets divided among the charities, Humble Bundle, the creators of the content, and myself but you as a consumer have 100% control as to where that money actually goes. If you want to give 100% to a charity then you can do that!

There are new Bundles to discover all the time so i’m planning to publish a blog post every Monday to highlight each Bundle that is available that particular week. I also want to be 100% transparent with what i’m advertising so every page that has affiliate links on it will have a notice at the top of the article (a bit like the one above!)

If you want to support me through the Humble Bundle Partner Program then just click here or on any of the links throughout this page to head over to the Humble Bundle website! There’s also something called Humble Monthly which is detailed below!


Humble Monthly

For those of you that don’t know, Humble Monthly is a carefully curated bundle of games sent to your inbox for just $12 a month. Build the ultimate game library. Every game is yours to keep. There is a guaranteed $100+ worth of games each month.

Thanks very much for reading this post! If you liked it, then please follow this blog for similar content in the future.

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