The National Videogame Arcade is moving to Sheffield!

Here’s some fantastic news for the videogame nerds of Sheffield! After three years of being situated on Carlton St in Nottingham, the National Videogame Arcade will be moving to Sheffield after the end of its busy Summer schedule.

The NVA team has cited the current venue’s listed property status as the main reason for the move. The upkeep of the building has proven too much for the team. While they searched for a more suitable place in Nottingham, the decision was made to move cities. As a person who has spent most of his life in and around Sheffield, I personally think it’s a great thing.

The NVA offers visitors a very unique experience, as it is the only playable museum in the country. They have a great selection of interactive exhibits, and the location has hosted a variety of educational classes and gaming events. Not everything will be brought over though. They plan to keep an education and research facility in Nottingham, and the Pixelheads community will stay put too.

According to the Sheffield News Room they will be part of a new digital and tech space in Castlegate, and will open mid-October.

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