Favourites – June 2018

After each previous month has ended, I like to make note of my favourite pieces of media from the past few weeks. This time, i’m looking at things from June 2018!


Film – Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

I’m going to be honest right now – I didn’t actually see many films this month. Saying that though, I did actually enjoy Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Like I said in my non-spoiler review, there are nods and winks to the other films which I always enjoy. In a universe where dinosaurs are not only back from the dead, but are now known to the world and trapped on an island, it’s getting a little difficult to swallow what is happening on screen, but i’ll roll with it for now. It isn’t the best film in the franchise, but I enjoyed it for what it was.


TV show – Luke Cage

The Hero of Harlem is back once again and this time he’s up against the villainous Bushmaster! There was no real competition for my favourite TV show of the month. Luke Cage Season 1 overflowed with themes of race and identity, and this new season follows suit. It’s a strong continuation of the Marvel The Defenders storyline and kept me engaged the whole way through. Even the inclusion of Iron Fist couldn’t ruin it for me.


Game – Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King

Even though Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy technically came out in June, i’m not going to count it as it came out right at the end. Plus, I just want another chance to talk about Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King. This game is a bundle of pure nostalgia and charm, with adorable characters and an engaging story. It’s a same that the game is a little bit too easy for my tastes but other than that, it’s a very good time.


Song – The World Is Saved, Danny Wiessner

Written and performed by Danny Wiessner, The World Is Saved was subject to an awesome collaborative effort, spear-headed by IGN’s Ryan Clements. He pulled together several dedicated volunteers (pandamusk, Benjamin A. Smith, Michael Hruby, and Sam Alegria) to create this epic anthem for all video game fans around the world. If this song doesn’t make you feel proud to be a video gamer, I don’t know what will!


YouTube channel – JessicaSmithTV

Even though i’m not that consistent at doing exercise (other than walking to work almost everyday), it’s nice to know that there’s a YouTube channel out there that offers a friendly atmosphere, some low impact exercise routines and a trainer who is down to earth. Some workout presenters are so over the top and full of cheese that it’s hard to watch, never mind work out to. I would wholly recommend JessicaSmithTV for all your exercising needs, beginner or not!

Thanks very much for reading my favourite pieces of media from June 2018! If you liked it, then please follow this blog for similar updates in the future.

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