Everything has changed…

So, it’s painfully obvious that there hasn’t been a blog post from me for a while. “What gives?”, you may be asking. Well, reader, there is a saying about how all good things must come to an end, and one such good thing has ended. After 7 years of ups and downs (and lefts and rights) my girlfriend and I have mutually decided to call it quits.

While the relationship wasn’t a particularly bad one, there were moments of disagreement. There was stress, and there was pressure. Ultimately, the ideals and wants that we each had when we first got together changed. The years we spent together were very formative both personality-wise and career-wise, with us having spent the entirety of our University years side-by-side. I won’t get into the nitty-gritty of the details of why we split, as we both enjoy a level of privacy in our relationships, but I just wanted it to be known.

The question is…what now?

Sadly, I don’t really have a definitive answer to that question just yet. I do recognize that the next few weeks and months of my life are going to be vital ones that help sculpt the rest of my existence. Right now, I just want to concentrate on untangling myself from my past relationship, emotionally and financially. After that has been done – who knows?

Aside from my lack of a relationship my life is pretty stable. I might be staying at my dad’s house for a while, but I have a plethora of other things going for me. Mostly good health, a decent steady job, and relevant skills for the modern era.

More importantly, though, the breakup was a grown-up and amicable one. I still have massive respect for my ex, maybe even if that feeling might not be reciprocated. One thing is very certain though, despite the short drought of articles, I will be blogging my heart out on BestNerd.Life! So, please stay tuned for more awesome content!

3 thoughts on “Everything has changed…

  1. Skylar-Mei says:

    Sorry to hear your news. It must be tough after 7 years, but at least you seem to have ended on good terms. Wishing you all the best.


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