The SEGA Mega Drive ‘Plug N Play’ console by AT Games

Thanks to my step-dad, I’ve managed to get my hands on the AT Games version of the SEGA Mega Drive. This plug and play console boasts 81 built in games, Stereo Sound, and a slot that accepts official Mega Drive cartridges.

Sounds good right? Well, with the official SEGA Mega Drive Mini about to hit store shelves in the near future, is it actually worth buying this ‘Plug N Play’ console?

Watch me unpack, review and crash this tiny, tiny machine in the embedded video below:

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Published by Jamie Depledge

Digital & Multimedia Designer by day, Geeky Blogger by night.

5 thoughts on “The SEGA Mega Drive ‘Plug N Play’ console by AT Games

      1. Quite a few probably. And to be honest, I think that’s a difficult question. I want to recommend CEX although I think they can be quite expensive. And i’ve heard people have had some bad experiences from them. Although they give one year warrenty on things they sell. I once bought a PSP with a dodgy button but was able to return it the next day, no question asked. I’d rather pay a little more than take a chance of getting one from a carboot or from a random person on eBay.


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