I went to Warped Con 2019!

I have been to quite a few comic cons in my time, but never to one in a semi-professional manner. Until now! Thanks to the generous organizers of Warped Con 2019, I managed to get a Creator Pass for a single day of that event when I applied for one on their website.

In this video, I talk about my experiences there, as well as the things that I bought there, along with a good chunk of footage that I took too. It was a fantastic day, and I genuinely enjoyed Warped Con 2019. I’m not ever saying that because I got a free Creator Pass. It was a huge surprise when the organizers of Warped Con 2019 said yes, and it’s all thanks to my wonderful subscribers! Thanks so much!

Check out the embedded video below:

Links to some of the people, vendors, props, and sets featured in the video

Costume + Play – http://www.costumeandplay.co.uk/
Black Sails – https://www.starz.com/series/blacksails/episodes
Dave Platts as Deadpool – https://www.instagram.com/platzy72/
Johnny Five Wrights Robotics – https://www.facebook.com/wrightsrobotics/
White Rose GhostBusters – https://www.facebook.com/whiteroseghostbusters/
The Terminator UK (The Entertainenator) – https://twitter.com/entertainenator
Scene Motion Picture Exhibition – https://www.facebook.com/sceneexhibition/
Sylvester Mccoy – https://www.sylvestermccoy.tv/home.htm
Sophie Aldred – https://twitter.com/sophie_aldred
Invicta Arts – https://twitter.com/invicta_veritas

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