Best free Steam games actually worth playing

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With so many garbage free-to-play games in the Steam Library, it can be a challenge to find something that’s fun to play. Luckily, I’ve compiled a list of completely free Steam games that are entertaining. Check it out below! A word of warning though. Some of these are not suitable for children to play.


1. Doki Doki Literature Club (Dating Sim, Psychological horror)

Let’s start with the game that is probably the most famous. I felt uncomfortable throughout my time playing this game. I’m not really one for dating sim games and this basically starts out like one. However, once you get further into it, things start getting weird. And even more unsettling.


2. the static speaks my name (Psychological horror)

I’m sticking with the weird vibe at the moment, just so I can get it out of the way. the static speaks my name is a short game that starts out fairly normal and then basically tips over the edge into crazy. The graphics are incredibly clunky but this actually adds to the creepy vibe. Thankfully it does have multiple endings so there is replay value.


3. The Plan (Flying Simulator?)

This game is also super short. I wouldn’t actually call it a game, more of an experience. Probably one that you can sit down and get done in less than 10 minutes? Despite the short length, I really enjoyed my time with The Plan. I can’t say that the ending is life-changing but it did make me sit back and think…”Huh? That was unexpected.” There’s also something that happens after the game has ended that does make it worth playing through again one last time.


4. Emily is Away (Visual novel, Romance)

Out of everything on this list, ‘Emily Is Away’ is my favourite. Since I grew up in the 90’s and 00’s this game brings back a flood of nostalgia. The chunky Windows 2000-esque graphics and pop culture references of that time speaks volumes to me. It has the nice touch of making you type on your keyboard to reply to characters, even though what you say is mostly fixed.


5. Endless Sky (Space Sim)

It blows my mind that a game this deep is available for free. My first time with this game consisted of flying around for a bit trying to work out the controls, failing at everything and ultimately getting blown to smithereens. I promptly began the game again, fixed my initial mistakes because I knew what I was doing and then lost 1.5 hours of my life. I’ve not played such a time-sink since Stardew Valley.

5 thoughts on “Best free Steam games actually worth playing

  1. It will be difficult to beat Doki Doki here. I was recommended not to research the game at all before playing, so I didn’t know it was a psychological horror until I experienced it which just added to the excitement and weirdness of it all.

    I received Emily is Away Too from a Humble Bundle deal a while ago, but I never realised it was a sequel! I’ll definitely check the first one out now that I know!

    1. Yeah, Doki Doki is definitely the stand-out. I actually found out about it through Game Theory on YouTube so I kinda knew what I was getting into but it was still an interesting and freaky game to play. Humble Bundle deals are so good! They let you discover some cool and random games.

      1. I bought a visual novel bundle from Humble back in December. At the time I’d never really thought Visual Novels would be my thing… But it introduced me to Higurashi which is now one of my favourite series.

        I agree there! Humble Bundles are definitely a fantastic way of discovering and trying games you probably wouldn’t have otherwise.

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