Legends of Amberland: The Forgotten Crown

Legends of Amberland: The Forgotten Crown doesn’t offer breath-taking graphics, well-delivered voice acting, and buttery smooth gameplay. This well put together throwback to 90’s Western-Style RPGs does offer some great fun to be had though.

Check out my thoughts on Legends Of Amberland for the Nintendo Switch!

Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King Review

A few years ago I wrote a blog post about Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King. Thanks to the extra time I have due to CoronaVirus lockdown, i’ve decided to create a video based on that original post!

Check out my thoughts on Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King!

The worst new Pokemon from Sword and Shield

The release of Pokemon Sword and Shield has come and gone. Both were probably two of the most controversial and divisive Pokemon games to release with Dexit quite a big thing.

One thing is definitely clear though. This generation have introduced a whole new bunch of Pocket Monsters for us all to discover. In this video I list the top 5 worst Pokemon from Pokemon Sword and Shield

Check out it out and see what they are!

First 20 minutes of…Rise of Insanity [No Commentary]

Ever wanted to watch games being played before you buy them? Then my ‘First 20 minutes of…’ series is just the perfect thing for you.

Watch me play through the first 20 minutes of Rise of Insanity.

Check it out!

Top 5 games from Indie World/Nintendo Direct Mini [March 2020]

After months of no information about new Nintendo games, we were hit with both an Indie World and a Nintendo Direct Mini in about the space of a week. There’s plenty of games on the horizon and you can bet that i’m super excited for a a fair few of them. In this video I list my top 5 anticipated games from both the Indie World and Nintendo Direct Mini presentations!

My thoughts on Gamers VS Covid-19 hashtag/website

Covid-19 is absolutely doing a number on the world at the moment, so it’s super duper important to do as much as possible to stop the spread of the disease.

Which is where https://gamersvscovid19.com/ comes in. This website features a pledge tailored toward gamers to communicate ways to help stop the spread of Covid-19. It’s pretty cool.

Nintendo Labo – Toy-Con 02: Robot Kit Timelapse

I was lucky enough to get the Toy-Con 02: Robot Kit for super cheap, so I decided to make this timelapse video of me building the entire thing.

Check out my video and find out!

Gamestop Chameleon Controller on Nintendo Switch

Recently i’ve been collecting accessories for my Nintendo Switch that are unusual. If these things are old then that’s even better! The Gamestop Chameleon Controller was definitely something worth picking up for the price that I did. But is it actually any good when using it with my Nintendo Switch?

Check out my video and find out!

Using a Hands Free Neck Mount with my Nintendo Switch

Ever wanted to play your Nintendo Switch, but don’t want to use it in Docked mode or handheld mode? Then I have a fantastic product for you! The INTEMPO Hands Free Neck Mount is a product that is marketed for use with devices such as mobile phones and tablets, but thanks to the adjustable mount, the Nintendo Switch can also be used with it!

Although, just because you CAN use something with this device, would you actually WANT to?

Check out my video and find out!