How much is my Amiibo collection worth?

I have a special place in my heart for Amiibo. This expansive toy-to-life collection is big business for Nintendo, as they have sold millions of them. Most figures are very reasonably priced, but due to some figures being quite rare, prices can fluctuate in the second-hand market quite a lot. Which is why i’ve created a video pricing up my collection using the CEX website.

In this video I answer the age old question….how much is my Amiibo collection worth?

Link’s Awakening Amiibo –

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Joy-Con accessories for your Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons are pretty amazing bits of technology. They fit a whole manner of amazing design features in their tiny build. Which is why there are loads of random accessories that are available to enhance or change up your gameplay experiences.

In this video I look at several of these random Joy-Con accessories.

Joy-Con Grip –

Starlink: Battle for Atlas –

Flip Grip –

Tennis Rackets –

Ring Fit Adventure –

Nintendo Labo Robot –

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Using a PS4 Controller with the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch controllers can be super expensive sometimes! Which is why I always try to find a cheaper alternative.

In this video I connect a PS4 controller to my Nintendo Switch using the 8Bitdo USB Wireless Adapter, and see how well they work together.

8Bitdo USB Wireless Adapter –

Elgato HD60 S game capture –

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Unboxing the PlayStation Classic

The original PlayStation is an absolute classic game console. Which is only fitting that the newest miniaturised iteration has been named the PlayStation Classic.

In this video, I unbox the PlayStation Classic, and give a running commentary about it as I go!

Fallout New Vegas UK Collector’s Edition Unboxing

Fallout New Vegas is often lauded as the quintessential modern Fallout experience. Similarly, it is my absolute favourite game in the series. Which is why I was extremely happy when I got my hands of a copy of the Fallout New Vegas UK Collector’s Edition for Xbox 360.

I don’t usually talk too much about games from the PlayStation and Xbox but with this awesome thing, i’ll make an exception!

Watch me as I unbox my wonderful Fallout New Vegas UK Collector’s Edition that I bought second hand.

How to replace a Gameboy screen cover

Learning how to take apart, repair & replace, and modify components of your Gameboy is both a satisfying and interesting activity to do.

In this video I show you an easy way to take apart a Gameboy Color and replace a damaged screen cover. This method is also a great way to access other parts of your Gameboy Color and can be used for many other things.

25 cute details in Animal Crossing New Horizons

We all know that Animals Crossing New Horizons is an incredibly adorable game. But what makes it such an cute one? It’s all in the details!

In this video I highlight 25 cute details in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

My biggest regret as a YouTuber [ONE YEAR SPECIAL]

That’s it! One whole year of making YouTube videos!

Some late nights, some steep learning curves, and plenty of fun. In this ONE YEAR anniversary video of my first video as a YouTuber, I talk about my biggest regret about this channel.

Here’s to another year!

Using a Wii Remote on the Nintendo Switch

The days of the Nintendo Wii have come and gone. Our Wii Remote is collecting dust.

Luckily, we have the Nintendo Switch to keep us busy. But what are we all gonna do with our old hardware? Sell it? Of course not! We are gonna find dumb ways to use old controllers on our modern machines!

In this video I connect a Wii Remote to my Nintendo Switch using the 8Bitdo USB Wireless Adapter, and see how well they work together.

Ways to spot fake Gameboy games

Nostalgia is a very powerful thing! Which is why shady people want to capitalise on it, and sell us dodgy, fake GameBoy games. Luckily, there are some easy ways in which you can spot fake GameBoy games.

In this video, I spend some time pointing out a few of these ways, in an effort to help people not get caught out when collecting old games.

Let me know what you think of my video in the comments sections below!