Nintendo Labo – Toy-Con 02: Robot Kit Timelapse

I was lucky enough to get the Toy-Con 02: Robot Kit for super cheap, so I decided to make this timelapse video of me building the entire thing.

Rise of Insanity – Nintendo Switch Review

Over the years, an increasing number of video games have used the basis of mental health as a platform to tell a story. Rise of Insanity for the Nintendo Switch is one of those video games.

Pokemon Home is where the Oak is

The new Pokemon Home app is finally here! Billed as the one stop shop for your Pokemon storage needs on the Nintendo Switch, it comes with a pretty swish design and some interesting features.

First 20 minutes of…7th Sector [No Commentary]

Watch me play through the first 20 minutes of 7th Sector.

7th Sector – Ghost in the Machine

It’s refreshing to play as what seems to be an entirely digital entity in 7th Sector.

Excadrill vs Toxtricity – Dynamax Battle!

In this video I battle the special event Dynamax Toxtricity using my powered up Excadrill.

Tetris 99 – Battle Royale Style

Even though it has been several decades since the conception of Tetris, this grandpa of a video game is constantly being adapted and updated. Tetris 99 is no exception to this trend.

Which POKEMON am I in Mystery Dungeon DX?

Pokemon Rescue Team Mystery Dungeon has a bit of a strange premise. The once human player wakes up in the Pokemon world having just transformed into a Pokemon. Which is odd in itself. The way the game chooses which Pokemon that is is even more odder than that. Through a series of questions, the playerContinue reading “Which POKEMON am I in Mystery Dungeon DX?”