A (mostly coherent) talk about the FTC and COPPA

So, let’s talk about the FTC and the new COPPA guidelines that are coming into effect in 2020. Otherwise known as the Adpocalypse!

Solving a Rubik’s Cube in less than 4 minutes!

Can you solve a Rubik’s Cube? I can! As i’m on holiday this week, i’m releasing some random old videos of me doing random things in a very random manner.

Hitting 100 subscribers!

Before starting this YouTube journey, I would have thought that doing a 100 subscriber video was a little cheesy, but my outlook has now completely changed.

Pea Pod…in the Washing Machine!

In this relaxing video, three peas and their pod go for a bath! Watch their cute little faces as they float in soapy suds and get spun around really fast!

LootGaming Crate Unboxing! [Sidekicks] March 2019

The LootGaming crate for March 2019 had the theme of ‘Sidekicks’. It contained items that featured Sonic the Hedgehog, Fallout, Megaman, and other franchises too!