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Building a Pokemon display stand

A photo of me and a pokemon standee
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Now this isn’t something I was expecting to get! A free Pokemon Display Stand for Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Not a huge fan of either of these remakes but the stand itself will be really useful for storing things and it also has some pretty cool artwork on it.

One of the local independent gaming shops in my area put out a Facebook post advertising a mysterious free display unit, themed around Pokemon. As someone who always enjoys getting something for free, I decided to head over there as fast as possible.

These types of displays stands are very common when it comes to marketing games. They are designed to be put together without the need for any tool or adhesive too, which is pretty ingenious. This particular one is classed as an FSDU, or Free Standing Display Unit. The more you know!

It was fairy easy to put together. I haven’t had any training or experience building one of these things, so I was going in blind. I ended up using some tape to hold some sections in place, as it wasn’t holding together as well as I hoped.

Turns out that it was fairly sturdy, especially with the additional support from the tape. I began by using it to display the Pokemon plushies in my collection, but then decided to add something a little heavier. It is now home to all of my Amiibo figures. I’m sure it can hold heavier hings but to be honest, it just seems more appropriate to display them on it.

Overall, i’m very happy with my new Pokemon display stand, although I do wish I had more room for it.

The below video shows a more in-depth look at me building the display stand. Check it out if you want to know more.

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