Stardew Valley Mods

Stardew Valley is possibly my favourite game of 2016. So much so that I decided to try my hand at making several mods for the game. So far i’ve created Pusheen the Cat, Zero from A Nightmare Before Christmas, a Cucco from The Legend of Zelda, a colour swap of the dog to make a satanic pet, and added a very cute bandana in different colours to the dog sprite. Quick note: I am in no way affliated with Stardew Valley, Nintendo, Disney or Pusheen! My mods have attracted over 65,000 views and downloaded over 7,500 times (accurate in February 2019) since my first upload in September 2016.

Ryan’s Toys Review


Back in 2016 I created the original logo for the now YouTube juggernaut that is Ryan’s Toys Review. Designed with a bright and childish asthetic in mind to appeal to the target demographic. The logo has since been modified, but my logo can still be seen on the earlier videos. It has also been featured on the GameTheory YouTube channel (a personal achievement). As of February 2019 the main channel has over 27,000,000,000 views.

Promenade Cinema backgrounds

A series of backgrounds created for a local synth band, specifically to be used at live shows. They were projected during each individual song as I designed them to have themes corrisponding to the songs. Sadly, the band has updated their logo, so these are not in use anymore.

An Ellergy To Plug


Sheffield nightlife in a visual poem. The animated effects in this visual poem are inspired by Edgar Wright’s film version of Scott Pilgrim vs The World. The video can be found on YouTube.

Pixel Art Consoles


This ongoing project involves me making lots of consoles through the ages into pixel art. So far i’ve only done a Game Boy and a Game Boy Advance but I do plan on doing other ones too (eventually)!



This is a poster that I designed based on my third year university film. Blending the style of Saul Bass and Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night, it depicts a child staring up at a lighthouse, as he plucks his courage up to climb it. Unnoticed, a giant hand is poised to steal him away.

Modest Budget Media


A logo mock up for a Youtube channel that concentrates on games and software that doesn’t cost much to buy like Open Source Software.

Lose It, Only When You Choose It


“Lose It, Only When You Choose It” is a piece that I designed when I was asked to create a poster that promoted safe sex. It was aimed to address peer pressure and to enpower young people. It was a fun project, one of the first times I gained real world design experience.

Magnemites & Magneton


I was a bit fan of Pokemon growing up and I still enjoy a battle every now and then. These Magnemite and Magneton were created using Cinema 4D. I ended up making a time-lapse video of me creating them. It wasn’t so much a project to create a cleanly modelled asset but rather trying to see what I could make in a short amount of time.



This logo was created for ChefBeHere, a recipe blog specialising in vegetarian foods. The overall design is based on vintage food labels, with thick lines and a retro colour palette. A classy looking logo for a classy food blog!