3D Lego Jamie


I enjoy using Lego. It’s a toy that fosters such creativity in people, it’s awesome! Using Cinema 4D I decided to try and make myself in Lego form. It was a test to see if I could add animated textures onto my models and I think it turned out ok!

Henderson’s Relish Factory

I decided to create the old Henderson’s Relish building for an 3D asset creation module at university, with the goal of learning how to use 3DS Max. At the time this historic Sheffield property was due to be demolished to make way for more modern buildings, but has since just sat empty. I wanted to capture the aged and rundown place before it was gone. Plus it was close to the place I lived at the time so it was easy to get reference photos

Academic Interviews


Part of my FindAUniversity job includes going on location to interview academics on film. Some people that i’ve had in front of a camera include Sir Paul Nurse, Simon Singh, Professor David Bainbridge, Sir David Spiegelhalter, Professor Paul Cartledge, Professor Angie Hobbs, Dr Jo Twist. The video series has gained almost 750,000 views on YouTube (as of February 2019).



I was asked to do a variety of design work for Frequency, a local Synth and Electropop night in Sheffield. This included poster and leaflet designs as well as images for social media.

FAU Recruitment


During my time at FindAUniversity I was asked to create a recruitment video featuring the people who worked there, talking about their time at the company. It was shot over a few days when either myself or the subjects were available. It was extremely fun to do! See you if you spot me! The video can be found here.

FindAPhD Connect


During my time at FindAUniversity I was asked to create a video that advertised a new product called FindAPhD Connect. This product enables people to add the PhD projects that they’ve listed on FindAPhD.com to their websites. The video can be found here.

A Cautionary Tale


Based on the fairytale “Little Red Riding Hood”, Cautionary Tale is an animated homage to Lotte Reiniger and her cut-out paper technique, but updated for a new age. This was my first attempt at bringing together a crew of people, including voice actors and a composer. The full animation can be found on YouTube.

Kerlih Chia as The Narrator
Jambareeqi as Big Bad
Tamara Ryan as Little Red

Music by Sachiththa Fernando

Pop Culture Caricatures

This series of mini caricatures are built on the same body model but customised using bespoke features like hair and clothes. Characters featured include my then girlfriend and I, Walter from Breaking Bad, Chloe and Max from Life Is Strange, Korra from Avatar: Legend of Korra and Daredevil from…well…Daredevil.

Bojack Horseman Pixel Art


This project mixed two of my favourite things – the Netflix original animated TV show, Bojack Horseman and pixel art. I think that pixel art is really hard to get right, but thanks to the memorable characters and art style I think I captured the likeness well.

Babblegum Podcast Logo


A logo for a YouTube based podcast series that I cleaned-up and made into a vector. It was based on a raster based image made in paint. A fun design with lots of heart.