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Retro PlayStation Huge Crate bundle unboxing

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As a collector of random gaming junk, I really enjoy the idea of physical loot crates. A random selection of cool things for a set amount of money. Kinda exciting! On a trip to my local Game UK store, I managed to find a Retro PlayStation Huge Crate just sitting on a shelf.

It was pretty battered, to be honest, but it had more than a 50% discount! Instead of £24.99 it only cost £11.99. A pretty decent price, especially as it was an old item. I was also able to peek inside and everything seemed to be intact. According to some of the reviews I saw of it, this particular crate came out in 2017. It had been sitting in a warehouse somewhere for some time before I found it.

I actually hoped that I’d found a new loot crate provider, but sadly they had already gone under. At least, the website doesn’t exist anymore and is currently up for sale. Pretty cool that I found this relic of the past then. The cardboard crate itself is pretty sturdy. There was an outer sleeve showcasing the items that were available inside, including a mystery item that was blacked out. This sleeve slipped off, much like a PlayStation 4 sleeve, to reveal a generic Huge Crate designed box.

The main reason I bought this crate was for the hat. For the price, just the hat itself was worth it, but I got a few extra things too. Those extra things included a PlayStation FC pin badge, a vinyl sticker, a mug, a keychain and a themed Pop! Games figure.

I wasn’t a big fan of the PlayStation FC badge, as I’m not a follower of football. The Pop! Games figure also didn’t really mean much to me, as it was Capt. John Price from Call of Duty. Not really sure who that is. Everything else was fantastic though. The mug and hat were probably the things I would use the most. I’m a big fan of the PlayStation brand, as they have some of the best franchises around. Overall, a pretty amazing Retro PlayStation Huge Crate bundle.

If you do want to watch the video that inspired this article, check it out below!

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