The worst new Pokemon from Sword and Shield

In this video I list the top 5 worst Pokemon from Pokemon Sword and Shield

Top 5 games from Indie World/Nintendo Direct Mini [March 2020]

After months of no information about new Nintendo games, we were hit with both an Indie World and a Nintendo Direct Mini in about the space of a week.

First 20 minutes of…7th Sector [No Commentary]

Watch me play through the first 20 minutes of 7th Sector.

7th Sector – Ghost in the Machine

It’s refreshing to play as what seems to be an entirely digital entity in 7th Sector.

Excadrill vs Toxtricity – Dynamax Battle!

In this video I battle the special event Dynamax Toxtricity using my powered up Excadrill.

Tetris 99 – Battle Royale Style

Even though it has been several decades since the conception of Tetris, this grandpa of a video game is constantly being adapted and updated. Tetris 99 is no exception to this trend.

Music Racer – Back to the 1980’s

Music Racer is very much rooted in the 1980’s. From the bright neon retro-wave aesthetic and the music to the vehicles themselves, everything seems to be massive homage to 80’s pop culture. Which in my opinion is super appealing.

Invisible Fist – Take on the evils of Late Stage Capitalism!

Whilst I don’t usually talk about politics or economics on my channel, sometimes it’s important to dip my toe into these topics every now and then. Invisible Fist is just a great excuse to do just that.