Invisible Fist – Take on the evils of Late Stage Capitalism!

Whilst I don’t usually talk about politics or economics on my channel, sometimes it’s important to dip my toe into these topics every now and then. Invisible Fist is just a great excuse to do just that.

Pixel Art! Fran from Final Fantasy 12 Time-lapse

In this eighth and final video of a short time-lapse series, I recorded myself drawing a pixel art version of Fran, a Viera warrior from Final Fantasy 12, a game that released in 2006.

Pixel Art! Wooloo from Pokémon Sword and Shield

In this short sped-up time-lapse video I draw the Pokémon Wooloo from Pokémon Sword and Shield using pixel art. Wooloo is such a cute little Pokémon based on a sheep!