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Webbed Nintendo Switch PHYSICAL edition

A picture of the Webbed physical edition for Nintendo Switch
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Webbed is an indie game for the Nintendo Switch (and other platforms!). It features a cute little peacock spider, on a mission to save her boyfriend. Brisbane-based Sbug Games originally developed the game and released it to Windows, Mac OS and Linux in 2021. In keeping with the Australian theme, Webbed is set in a fictional version of Queensland. It came to other console platforms in 2022. Later on that same year Super Rare Games released a limited run of physical versions. And they were kind enough to send me a press copy. To be completely honest, I hadn’t heard much about Super Rare Games before attending WASD 2022. Now that I’m familiar with them, I’m very much on board with what they do.

Spiders are friends

As a person who’s always been slightly terrified of spiders, but is slowly overcoming that fear, I think this is a great idea for a game. To see a piece of media that doesn’t show spiders to be evil or whatever is kinda refreshing. I do think that spiders get a bad reputation from the media. Entities like Shelob from Lord of the Rings or the Wolf Spiders from Grounded give the impression that spiders are evil. In reality, they are mostly harmless and more than likely more scared of us than we are of them. I’m just tired of this trope really.

Alongside the physical version of the game on a cartridge, there were a few other collectables included. This is similar to most other releases from Super Rare Games. Inside the case was a Webbed-themed Super Rare Games sticker, a full-colour mini-booklet, a Super Rare Games business card, and 4 other Webbed collectable cards. In summary, a great little collection of items!

Watch the below video as it shows the things included in this special edition of the game, and also some gameplay too!

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