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Zool Redimensioned now available on PlayStation

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Originally released by Gremlin Graphics back in 1992, the iconic gaming mascot Zool has since been revived in Zool Redimensioned. Developed by the Sumo Digital Academy and published by Secret Mode, it was released on PC in 2021.

A new-ish adventure

A few years later and Zool’s newest adventure is now available on the PlayStation platform, will all-new multiplayer modes. These new modes, entitled Zool’s Gold, Rool of Zool, and Ball Brawl, were all designed and developed by students at the Sumo Digital Academy. Alongside the PlayStation release, they’ve also been added to the Steam edition as a free update.

This new reimagining of a classic action platformer has been rebuilt for modern audiences. Travel across eight alien worlds, battling menacing bosses and ultimately saving the universe from the evil Krool.

Zool Redimensioned Keyart


Quite the legacy

It’s pretty amazing that the students of Sumo Digital Academy are keeping the famous Sheffield-based mascot alive. Sumo Digital was of course formed by former employees of Gremlin Graphics, so it does seem fitting that they are handling the little Ninja with respect. The reimagining was made with guidance from the developers, so they seem to have retained the spirit that made Zool a cult classic. Along with Sean Bean, Henderson’s Relish, and Def Leppard, his legacy seems here to stay. The question is, which one is more famous?

Sounds like a pretty good example of software preservation and it makes this former resident of Sheffield happy at the very least. And that has to count for something at least.

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