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Arcade Paradise Swag Bag!

A photo of me holding a Arcade Paradise themed cassette
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Arcade Paradise may just be my number-one game of 2022. Which is why it was incredible that I had the opportunity to attend the game launch event in London. I received a press kit whilst I was there, otherwise known as the Arcade Paradise Swag Bag! I show off the awesome things I got in the press kit in the YouTube video at the end of this blog post. It included an array of sweet retro technology like an actual real-life working cassette tape. There was even a super radical secret item, that didn’t even fit inside the bag.

The event itself was an absolute blast, located in an event space in the graffiti tunnels beneath Waterloo Station. Genuinely one of the best things I’ve ever attended. Obviously, the game itself was all about retro technology and nostalgia. This was definitely reflected in the overall aesthetic of the event. There were plenty of arcade machines dotted around the room, including one of my favourites, Ms. Pac-Man. There was even a live band playing too. They had previously done some music work featured in the game so it was great to see them in real life.

Finally, I have to mention the game itself. I feel like it was tailor-made for me. I have a deep fascination with arcades, so being able to build one from scratch is absolutely wonderful. Seeing in-universe imitations of historic arcade cabinets is such a treat.

Check the video out, as well as the more detailed post I wrote about it over on ThumbCulture.

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