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Debug Indie Sampler #1 “Something Cool”

A photo of the Debug Indie Sampler #1
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Back in November 2022, Wave Games Studios released “something cool”. That very cool thing was the Debug Indie Sampler #1. A free demo disc full of modern indie games for the Dreamcast. Thanks to postal strikes and all other kinds of things, some copies were delayed. An unexpected hiccup.

I have a copy now though. Which is great because I was so dang excited to get this. I have a massive love for the Sega Dreamcast and I absolutely adore building my collection. It’s truly amazing that there are developers bringing new games to old hardware. The Dreamcast was an absolute beast back in the day. Sega’s fifth and final console was sadly a commercial failure, meaning it was only on the market for 4 years. Luckily it left a lasting impression. This is why there are indie devs now creating awesome stuff for it!

For those of you who don’t know, Wave Game Studios is a company that is known for publishing a host of modern indie Dreamcast games. So this sampler is a good marketing move for them.

The Indie Sampler contains three games. The first is Intrepid Izzy, a platformer staring Izzy, the purple-haired adventurer. Driver Strikers is a Car Football game that can be played online. Xenocider is the final game, which allows the player to blast aliens to bits in 3D environments. A nice varied collection there for sure.

The disc was so well received it seemed that Wave Game Studios almost immediately announced a second run of them. They also announced the Debug Indie Sampler #2. I will absolutely be looking at that once it comes out.

So, let’s have a deeper look at the Debug Indie Sampler #1, this awesome little example of physical media. I begin by unboxing the disc itself, as it came very well packaged up, and then I show a bit of gameplay for each of the included games.

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