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Debug Indie Sampler #2

A photo of the Debug indie Sampler #2
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Following on from their wildly popular first edition of the Debug Indie Sampler, Wave Games Studios has released another free demo disc filled with modern indie games for the Sega Dreamcast. It is fittingly called the Debug Indie Sample #2.

Long time readers know I absolutely love the Dreamcast and it’s my favourite retro console. Which is why I think it’s fantastic when companies like Wave Game Studios bring new games to that old system. For those of you who don’t know, Wave Game Studios is known for publishing a host of modern indie Dreamcast games. The Debug Indie Sampler series is another of their marketing stretegies.

This second version contains three games just like before.


This first game is a 3D roguelike dungeon crawler currently in development. Recently fully funded through Kickstarter, I was lucky enough to have a quick Q&A session with the developer who is creating the game. You can read it here.


Tunnels is actually a tech demo designed to showcase the SIMULANT engine for Dreamcast. According to the website it has all the power of a modern engine, but built for systems with limited resources. Hopefully, more developers start using it and creating more games for reto systems!

Shadow Gangs

The final game on the disc is Shadow Gangs. This is a challenging Hack ‘N’ Slash side scroller, inspired by those found in old arcades around the globe.

As of writing this article, there is no word on a third edition but you can absolutely bet that I will be getting it if Wave Game Studios ever announces it.

If you want a more visual overview of the Debug Indie Sampler #2, i’ve included the below video I made. I begin by unboxing the disc itself, and then I show some gameplay for each of the included games.

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