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Resident Evil anime trailers are incredible

Anime version of Leon and Ashley from Resident Evil 4
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The Resident Evil 4 remake is swiftly shambling towards a release date in just a few days. To promote the much-awaited remake, Capcom has graced us with some adorably unsettling anime trailers. Yes, read that sentence again. There’s a series of Resident Evil anime trailers. What a time to be alive and above all else, be a horror fan.

Entitled Resident Evil Masterpiece Theater – “Leon and the Mysterious Village”, the series was produced by Nippon Animation. This famed Japanese studio is well known for its World Masterpiece Theatre series, so an animation studio with a certain pedigree when it comes to anime. Is that a bit of a mouthful to say? Kinda. Each episode is around a minute each, and is full to the brim with juicy RE 4 references. Both Leon Kennedy and Ashley Graham feature, battling against mutated villains and other horrors. For instance, the chainsaw man is shown wielding his signature weapon. Additionally, the plaga-infested wolves also make an appearance.


As someone who struggled against the dodgy controls of the original game for some time, I’m extremely hyped to play through the remake. A gripping gory story, with a new polish and modernised controls? What’s not to love? There’s plenty of humour in these trailers, with Leon suffering a fair few cuts and bruises. Similarly, whilst RE4 is a horror game, there are bound to be lots of tongue-in-cheek moments with Leon’s cheesy one-liners. These trailers reflect this rather nicely.

As pre-release marketing goes, it’s pretty epic, but are they really needed? Probably not. However, Capcom can spend their marketing budget as they see fit, so I’m not complaining. Plenty of people are chomping at the bit to play this game. It’s pretty dang incredible they are releasing these Resident Evil anime trailers. An amazing treat for fans whilst we all patiently wait until the main course arrives.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

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