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Scary Games – A Humble Bundle

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Need some scary games to play that isn’t Resident Evil 4? Humble Bundle has you covered with their Scary Games To Play In The Dark bundle. Add a variety of modern horror games to your backlog and help support a great charity cause! If these do tickle your fancy then don’t forget to use my Humble Bundle partner link!

Check out a brief description of each game below.

2 item bundle


Developer – FNTASTIC

A 4-vs-1 multiplayer game. Join a thrilling party, and play as either a survivor or killer


Developer – Valko Game Studios

A co-op horror game can can be played with 1-4 players. Solve puzzles, collect items and run for your life! Play through either the story mode or procedurally generated maps.

4 item bundle

All of the above titles and…

The Blackout Club

Developer – Question

A first-person co-op horror game about a group of teenage friends. Join them as they investigating a horrible secret about their small town. Explore procedurally-generated missions as 1-4 players.

Them and Us

Developer – TendoGames Co., Ltd.

A classic survival horror game where the focus is on atmosphere and player immersion. Defend into Alicia’s strange unending nightmares to discover the truth of her past.

7 item bundle

All the above titles and…


Developer – Affray Interactive

An Early Access cooperative tactical horror shooter project. Drops players into the midst of a story inspired by SCP-5000 by Tanhony.

The Mortuary Assistant

Developer – DarkStone Digital

Single-player cult classic horror game. Embalm corpses, banish demons, and, ultimately, save your soul. Features a story told through multiple playthroughs.


Developer – SadSquare Studio

A first-person psychological horror game featuring a mysterious house that is constantly changing. Explore a slow-paced, atmospheric world filled with uncannily comforting and horrifyingly realistic environments.

Overall, I think the most interesting for me is Them or Us. Not usually a fan of multiplayer games, I much prefer classic survival horror.

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