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Retro Electro Mega Drive unboxing

A photo of the Retro Electro Mega Drive box sat on a gaming chair
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I absolutely have no shame in saying that the Sega Dreamcast is one of the best consoles of all time. I have on several occasions professed my love for it, and talked about the things in my collection. On the other hand, I really can’t say the same about something like the Sega Mega Drive or the Sega Saturn. Not that I think these are bad consoles. Rather, I really haven’t had much experience playing them. I did have a Mega Drive as a child, but I don’t remember much about it. As an adult, I haven’t had the pleasure of playing one. Thanks to this latest purchase though, I’m just a little bit close to actually owning a real one. Say hello to the Retro Electro Sega Mega Drive collectable model! I found it at a convention I recently attended.

The beginnings of a collection

Despite the box claiming this is the first in a gaming console collection, I believe this was the only variation ever released. I’ve tried searching online and doing a little research to verify if any other has been made, but this seems to be the only one. Even the website displayed on the box doesn’t exist anymore. Which I think is a huge shame because it’s a fantastic idea. A sweet collection of awesome 1:2.3 scale models of all the most influential consoles through history? Sounds amazing!

What’s included?

Inside the rather fetchingly designed box is a nice array of items. There is the replica console itself. There are several moveable parts including a dummy on/off switch, volume slider, and even a reset button. Some of the more finer details like the power socket is just a sticker. Which is fine. Talking about power, this thing isn’t something to be played. It is just a model to be displayed. Alongside the console, there is a tiny little game cartridge, a controller, an instruction booklet, and a replica of the original box all this would have come in.

To aid in displaying everything, both the controller and console can be mounted to plastic units that raises them off whatever surface they are placed on. As I was putting everything together, I experienced a partially wild moment of joy. The game cartridge can be inserted into the console! Obviously, this is just for aesthetic purposes, but I am a massive fan of dinky little console models.

Some improvements needed

Whilst the models are great, I did find a few things to be disappointing. Having the cartridge is great, but I do wish there was a replica storage case the game would have come in. The brackets used to display the console and controller would have been better if they were a little bit more angled down. This way they would be easier to view. Other than that, I think they are a great little product.

If this company is now out of business and therefore this is the only console available (which I think is the truth), it’s a big shame. I think the Retro Electro Sega Mega Drive is genuinely cool. Everything seems to be well modeled and it’s all well realized. A prime example of something that has been crafted with love and attention. If you are thinking of buying one whilst they are still available please consider using my Amazon Affiliate link!

You can also watch a video version of this article below!

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