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Tenacious D Video Games song is epic!

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Jack Black and Kyle Gass have once again brought the thunder with an epic new song. That’s right, the Tenacious D Video Games song is absolutely amazing! As every single Tenacious D song is, of course.

During the song (which is just over a minute long), both Jables and Kage find themselves in several video game-inspired settings. The games mentioned are God of War, Fallout 4, and Red Dead Redemption 2. It is filled with classic Tenacious D humor and even has a “fri-gi-ga-ga” solo.

The animated video was headed up by co-directors Adam Paloian (SpongeBob SquarePants) and Chris “Oney” O’Neill  (Oney Plays). Obviously, the Creative Team at Oney Plays gets a massive shout-out for actually bringing this visual masterpiece to life. Alongside the verbally mentioned games, a mini mountain of easter eggs are also visually featured throughout.

Honor and integrity

Tenacious D had this to say about the song:

“It’s about growing up and leaving childish things behind…But then realizing that video games are more than just mindless toys….in fact they can be a true expression of huge ideas that belong in the pantheon of great works of art! It’s about time someone defended the honor and integrity of this bold new horizon. Leave it to the greatest band in the world…Tenacious D!!!”

It seems a fitting time to bring out a song like this. Jables recently made headlines for his portrayal of Bowser in The Super Mario Bros movie. The film, featuring JB belting out an absolute earworm of a song about everyone’s favorite princess, has been well-received.

This Tenacious D Video Games song is the first released by the dynamic duo in 5 years, with their last album Post-Apocalypto, arriving in 2018. Truly one of the great songs in the world, by the greatest band in the world. And one that rightly defends the honor of the massive collaborative efforts that video games are.

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