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WASD London 2023 Day Three – My Highlights

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On to the third and final day of WASD 2023! To be honest, a good portion of the day was just spent chilling out. I was pretty drained at that point. Physically, mentally and socially. As I’m a pretty introverted person, I only have so much energy in my battery for socializing before I need to recharge. The entire event was incredible but pretty draining at the same time. Now let’s chat about WASD London 2023 Day Three!

WASD London 2023 Day Three – My Highlights

I did also have to leave early to travel back home, so didn’t have all that much time to play stuff. I did play a few things though. 

System Shock

This new re-imagining of the classic dystopia action-adventure seems to be shaping up nicely. I only have the faintest memories of playing the original for a short time. It will be great for newer players to go up against SHODAN, and hopefully come out of it alive. 

System Shock was in the same closed-off area as Dead Island 2, so it’s safe to say I have zero photos or videos of the gameplay. I won’t be going into too much detail about it either. Just in case I unknowingly give out some embargoed information. 

The outside of the System Shock area. No pictures are allowed inside!

Road 96: Road Zero

A prequel to the 2021 game, Road 96: Road Zero is a narrative adventure game with some rhythm elements. I don’t exactly know what the narrative is, something to do with the authoritarian nation of Petria, and a soon to emerge dictatorship.

This scenario does make the game sound pretty heavy, but there are plenty of trippy and surreal moments. The two levels I played were good examples of this. One involved being chased around a neighbourhood, dodging cars and people, but ends up with a chase sequence directly up the side of a tower. The other seemed to be heavily inspired by Soviet propaganda posters. 


GladiEATers is a fantastic example of why I enjoy indie games so much. Armed with experience from a previous career in the food industry, the developers of this game have created a wonderful fresh idea. It’s essentially a creature batting game, but each of your battlers is created by you every time!

That’s because each of the current 50 creatures is based on food. Or rather, different recipes that can be created from them. For example, the simple egg. It can be raw, boiled, and fried. Each of these states represents a different creature. It does get slightly more complicated than that and I can’t wait to delve deeper. 

Me playing GladiEATers

And that’s it! A few thoughts on WASD London 2023 Day Three! Not as much to report. At least I’ve done some coverage for all three days. Honestly, it was a pretty epic time all around. Massive thanks to the people at WASD and NeonHive for sorting out an incredible show!

Can’t wait until next year! 

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