What is BestNerdLife?

BestNerdLife is the brainchild of Jamie Depledge and is all about living nerd life to the fullest. I try to blog as much as I can about video games, films, nerdy events, and all manner of other cool things. I’m just trying to live my BestNerdLife.

How often do you blog?

I try and get a blog post out every Monday and Thursday but I usually blog much more frequently than that. Make sure you follow this blog to get updated when I post something new!

Do you blog full time or have another job?

Right now I have a full-time job as a Digital & Multimedia Designer, although I basically blog any chance that I can get. Technically, I also blog for the company that at work for, and that has sparked something creative inside me.

Are you working with brands right now?

Yes I am! I am currently part of the Humble Bundle Partnership Program but if there are any brands, merchandises, or content creators that want to send me things to review then please send me a message!

What are your policies on reviewing games and on affiliate links?

BestNerdLife occasionally receives products from publishers, developers, retailers, etc free of charge. Any review that features these products will have this information disclosed near the end of the review. All other reviews are of products that I have either rented or purchased with my own funds. Sending a product does not mean I will review it and I don’t give positive reviews for lucrative advertising deals.

Occasionally, I will include affiliate links within my posts. These links contain a tracking code that allows me to earn a small percentage should you purchase something from that website. I will always try to link to products that I feel are actually good. My reputation is on the line here and I don’t want to wreck that!

If you want to get in contact then please get in touch below!


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