About BestNerdLife

Thanks for checking out the BestNerdLife about page! Below are some frequently asked questions

What is BestNerdLife?

The aim of BestNerdLife is to create a friendly and inclusive community where everyone can celebrate being nerdy, and champion people living their BestNerdLife! It is an independent gaming website bringing as much of the latest news, previews and reviews as I can from the world of gaming and technology.

BestNerdLife is run by Jamie Depledge, a content creator who is passionate about the games industry.

How often do you release content?

I do my best to release a video on the BestNerdLife YouTube channel every Thursday. I also post news articles and other written features whenever I have a spare moment.

Are you working with brands right now?

I’m currently part of both the official Humble Bundle and Wraith Energy partnerships. I am also part of the Amazon Affiliate programme. You will find affiliate links and images peppered around my YouTube channel, social media platforms and website. Those links contain a tracking code that allows me to earn a small percentage should you purchase something from those respective websites. I’m always open to considering brand partnerships or sponsored videos.