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Review Policy

Below is my review policy. BestNerdLife does accept review codes and other items in order to create coverage. If a developer, publisher, or PR firm wishes to send over a review code, then please email contact@bestnerd.life. Likewise for any other item. I try my best to cover each item in a timely manner, however, as a one-man band, other factors in my life may have to be prioritised.

Usually, I don’t request items unless I have a specific wish to carry out coverage of the game. I will not provide coverage of an item should the offer of payment in return for a more favourable review be expressed. I also don’t knowingly provide coverage if an item has been obtained through any illegal method.

Although I have my own personal tastes, I try to give an objectively fair review each time. I don’t trash products just because they aren’t in line with my own personal view.

New for April 2023

In accordance with the updated UK Advertising Standards Authority, any content I make with anything I received for free is now classed as an “AD”. As such, in as many instances as I possibly can, I will be including the word “AD” in the title for the stated 12 months after I’ve released said content.