A screenshot of the Water For All DLC for Festival Tycoon

Water For All DLC – Festival Tycoon

When I reviewed the early access version of Festival Tycoon in November 2021, I found it to be dang enjoyable. Since then, the game has gone on to have a full release and even has some DLC available. Released in 2022, this DLC – named “Water For All” – is a little bit special. All proceeds are donated to the Viva con Agua charity! This is a real-life NGO working to provide clean water around the world. Apparently, it was inspired by developer Johannes Gäbler’s visits to actual Viva con Agua booths at festivals around Europe.

Thanks to a recent post on the Festival Tycoon Twitter account, we now know that this effort has raised 550€ for the charity.

Both the game and DLC can be purchased on Steam. There’s also a bundle for it too. When purchased, players gain the ability to add Viva con Agua booths to their festival. This helps keep them clean and tidy by collecting cups.

In summary, an outstanding effort on all accounts. Festival Tycoon keeps growing from strength to strength and it’s gonna be interesting to what else the developer does.

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