oOo Ascension – Nintendo Switch game review

Starting life as a Ludum Dare competition entry back in April 2017, oOo Ascension (otherwise known as ‘Triple O’) is a game tailormade for speedrunners and other people who want to spend all their time getting good at a particular game. I actually got the review code for the Nintendo Switch version from Kenny atContinue reading ” oOo Ascension – Nintendo Switch game review”

Visiting the UK’s Biggest Retro Gaming Market

With the gaming industry slowing becoming obsessed with digital only products, retro game collecting might become a distant memory of the past. Until that time though, events like the Video Game Market will continue to thrive! Find out how I spent my time there in this new post!

Celebrating “15 Years of Sumo Digital”

One pretty big addition Sheffield has given to the gaming industry is Sumo Digital. Recently, they’ve celebrated 15 years of being a company and as such, has graced us with the “15 Years of Sumo Digital” game art exhibition!