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Farewell Google Stadia, I hardly knew ya

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By the time I release this article Google Stadia will be dead and gone. After 3 years, it is going to be shut down. Now, that makes me really sad. Not because I was a huge fan of Google Stadia. I really wasn’t. Rather, this thing is going to be lost to time and history. Access to the platform is going to be lost. Some of the games that were exclusive on there will lost as well. Digital preservation at the moment is absolutely terrible and losing access to Google Stadia exlusive games is just one more casualty.

When I first heard that Google Stadia was being discontinued I waanted to go back onto the platform. Play some of the games I’d started when I had my first month’s free trial. However, because I hadn’t bought anything and I couldn’t buy any more Stadia Pro subscriptions, I couldn’t access the games I wanted. The store front has also been shut down. Which made it really hard to capture any footage for a YouTube video. Luckily there was a few free-to-play games left on there, and some demos too.

Another one bites the dust

Ultimately, it is one more failed Google projects and just another casualty of their business practice. It is really good that they have are refunding basically everything back to the fans though. Which is ironic. I bought my Google Stadia controller for like five pounds from CeX. For the sole purpose of this video. However, I actually really genuinely like this controller now. It feels really nice to hold. The triggers are really good. The button sand the d-pad and just everything about it I like. I’ve already updated the controller so that it connects through Bluetooth. It’s definitely going to be something I use if I need a Bluetooth controller.

Check out my video below as I give more indepth thoughts, play some games and generally say farewell to Google Stadia.

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