Sonic at the National Videogame Museum wearing a face mask

Visiting the National Videogame Museum UK

I’m a huge fan of retro videogames. For an industry that is so young, it has a huge and influential history. That history is so very important and preserving it is as well. Which is why I was super excited to visit the National Videogame Museum in Sheffield UK a few weeks ago. In this video I talk about my experience there.

Not only is it a great day out for the family, I also have a personal connection to it. I wrote a diary entry for their Animal Crossing Diaries project, which details people’s experiences living through the pandemic. The twist? It focuses on how people coped with that very turbulent time using Animal Crossing.

An absolutely amazing and utterly bizarre project.

Before you check the National Videogame Museum out, watch my video for a taste of what is there!

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