A photo of the Super Rare Mixtape: Horror Edition.

Super Rare Mixtape: Horror Edition

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In the lead-up to Halloween 2023, Super Rare Games has released another carefully curated collection of indie delights. And I was lucky enough to be sent a PR copy of the cassette tape-shaped package! The aptly named Super Rare Mixtape: Horror Edition features a mixture of 38 horror games and demos. Alongside these, there’s a host of audio diaries, concept art galleries and trailers, all intended to provide a behind-the-scenes peek into how they were made. Included in the physical cardboard case is the imitation cassette, a hefty little booklet featuring all the games and demos, and a horror mixtape sticker.

A scarily good selection

Curated by Ryan Brown, this plug-and-play USB series is intended to preserve, support, and highlight developers in the grassroots indie scene. As mentioned in my previous article about another Super Rare Games release, uplifting indie developers is something I fully support.

Whilst all 30 games and 8 demos were interesting to experience, I had my definite favourites. I’ve listed them below! There’s also a link to various digital marketplaces where they are available individually if you end up missing out on the Super Rare Mixtape: Horror Edition.

Code Dino-H (itch.io)

As someone who adored Dino Crisis 2 on the original PlayStation, seeing a low-poly dino survival horror on here was a real treat. Especially as the game used traditional tank controls. Biocrisis, another game from the same developers was also featured, but I preferred this one.

Coldline (itch.io)

In Coldline, the player has 10 minutes to warn the US president of an incoming 50-megaton nuclear missile. The only thing in the way are some very intentionally annoying automated systems. Yeah, this game isn’t for those who get super annoyed at automated voices on the other end of a phone. Especially with that clock ticking swiftly down…

Digidream (itch.io)

In Digidream, a simple typing exercise quickly turns dangerous. It starts with some rather sinister suggested words, followed shortly by flicking images on the screen. Hmm. Seems like the computer has been possessed by a demonic entity of some kind. Just remember…don’t make eye contact.

FeedVid Live (itch.io)

Have you ever wanted to experience an interactive Saw film through Twitch? Well, now you can! With an interface familiar to anyone who has watched a livestream, this is a pretty unique take on a text adventure. Type keywords into the chat to prompt whoever is holding the camera into action and solve the dark conspiracy.

Get it before it’s gone!

Overall, the Super Rare Mixtape: Horror Edition is a lovingly curated piece of media, one that indie horror fans will surely adore. It certainly exceeded the expectations I had. As with all Super Rare releases, there’s only a limited number of these things. Head over to the official page before they are all sold! All featured games are available individually elsewhere of course.

If you want to see an unboxing and some gameplay, check out the video below!

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