A photo of me holding the Wii2HDMI adapter

Wii2HDMI Adapter Review

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With the ever-continuing development and evolution of technology, the Nintendo Wii is swiftly becoming even more obsolete with each passing year. This doesn’t stop people from wanting to play video games on it though! The lack of a modern HDMI video output does make the task slightly harder. Without HDMI it can be a little difficult to connect the console to some modern televisions. Luckily, the Wii2HDMI Adapter is here to solve (nearly) all of your Wii output-related problems. Wait, is it written Wii2HDMI, or Wii 2 HDMI? Not sure.

A simple device

Simply put, the device is a self-contained converter that is inserted into the propriety connection slot at the back of the Wii. A HDMI cable is then plugged into the relevant end, and then can be plugged into any modern TV. There is also a 3.5mm audio jack, but using this isn’t necessary. The HDMI cable is sufficient enough for audio output. The entire thing is fairly compact, although it does stick quite far from the back of the console. If you are limited for room, this might not be suitable. Something like a big roomy cube storage setup works great.

A photo of the Wii2HDMI adapter stuff in the back of a Wii
The Wii2HDMI adapter sticks out quite a lot

Change those settings

Once the Wii is turned on, you might notice the aspect ratio of the screen has changed. This can usually be solved by heading into the Wii settings. Either that or it may also be solved in your TV settings. Manipulation of both should fix any issues you have. The HD TV 480p option specifically should help.

It’s important to mention that it doesn’t increase the picture quality, or scale it up. This is purely a device that converts the analogue video to digital. As it is quite a simple device, there’s no need for an external power supply.

A photo of me holding the Wii2HDMI adapter
A small form factor in the hand

A less than elegant solution

The one I have doesn’t seem to have any definitive company branding on it. A quick Google will bring up a metric ton of nearly identical devices. Facebook Marketplace, eBay, and Amazon all seemed to carry them, all from different sellers. Places like AliExpress also seem to stock them. I’m pretty sure there’s just a place somewhere in China churning these out constantly.

It’s fairly easy to get one for below £5/$5/€5. It is a quick and cheap solution to adding a Wii to your modern gaming ecosystem. For a retro gaming purest, I don’t think the Wii2HDMI Adapter is a good solution to the problem. For general users, who’ve just pulled their dusty old Wii from storage, it’s definitely a worthy addition to a Wii console setup. If you want to buy this product then please consider using my Amazon Affiliate link!

Of course, the other solution is just to play Wii games on the WiiU, although I’m not entirely sure how viable or cost-effective that is!

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